STEAM Challenge 2016 Winners!

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Grand Prize of $10,000

Pocket Counselorpocket-main

  • Elsa Friis
  • Anna Haueter
  • Emily Cherenack
  • Christina Schmidt
  • Sofia Stafford

Pocket Counselor: Health in Hand is a mobile app project built upon the work of Dr. Eve Puffer designed to help “task-shift” mental health counseling to lay practitioners in Eldoret, Kenya. The team will use the prize money to refine, develop, and scale the app, which is used both  for appointment tracking and management, but also for mental health education and support via multimedia elements collaboratively produced with community . Their pilot project, Tuko Pamoja, or “we are together” will be followed up content refinement and further development of the application.

Second Prize of $5000


  • Giselle Graham
  • Maya Patel
  • Krista Opsahl-Ong
  • Lisa Guraya

Akin is an online platform designed to provide a space for Duke students to engage in open and honest conversation on the subjects of race and identity on campus.  The platform uses pseudonymous communications, along with a rating system and educational materials, to provide an environment in which students may conduct honest conversations around race and identity.  The students have been developing and testing the project with the support of the Innovation Co-Lab at Duke.

AKIN Presentation (PDF)


Third Prize of $3000

New Media Memexnmm

  • Evan Donahue
  • Eylul Iscen
  • Max Symuleski

New Media Memex is an assistive digital humanities research apparatus inspired by Vannevar Bush’s famous proposal for the Memex that is often considered a conceptual precursor to the web. It stores and manages research notes and metadata, as well provides mechanisms for visualizing and color coding content on the fly and through iterative markup and discovery processes.  The team will continue to develop the project through design of multiple data interfaces and integration of various media types beyond text.

New Media Memex Presentation (PDF)

Fourth Prize of $1000

Emoji Expressemoji

  • Kaijie Chen
  • Jasmine Lu
  • Aninda Manocha
  • Lucy Zhang

Emoji Express: Evaluating Mental States through Emoji is a research project and mobile app prototype designed to serve as a mental health journaling and sharing tool. Through a combination of data scraping and sentiment analysis, the team developed ways to categorize emoji and incorporate them into a prototype tracking application.  They plan to continue to develop the project and share it as a cross-platform mobile application.

Emoji Express Presentation (PDF)


Other Finalists

The judges were also impressed with the work of the other finalists, all of whom plan to continue to pursue their projects:

Prism – Michael Koh Siang Wui, Jane McConnell, Thomas Philip Klebanoff, Lavanya Sunder, Michelle Seywal

A brainwave-controlled interface designed to alter aspects of an image based on the mental states of the user. The team took the Muse headset data and combined it with a responsive image-processing interface to create the system, which adjusts various image features based on brainwave responses. They plan to continue to develop and refine the project with aesthetic imagery and to explore creating an immersive installation environment for the system.

Prism Project Presentation (PDF)

Sugar Rebel – Francesca Davie, Ariana Gallegos

A social media education campaign designed to highlight the health dangers of sugar. The team also plans to invite a series of distinguished speakers to campus, and to challenge the community to a 10-day sugar detox with the support of online resources.

Sugar Rebel Presentation (PDF)

Dhoop Energy – Raghav Saboo, Vibhu Tewary, Starling Shan, Mikaela Falk

A system of solar energy panels coupled with a micropayment system designed for use by street vendors in India. The project would also help promote “natural surveillance” in the community, make the city safer for women at night, and support street art on vendor carts.

Dhoop Energy Presentation (PDF)


Congratulations to all the STEAM 2016 Teams!

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